Working from home?

Working from home can take its toll on your body.

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Exercise and space for people working from home

NMT Dublin has teamed up with InSpace Design to give you advice on creating the perfect, safe space for you to work while staying physically fit and healthy.

Are you working from home and feeling twinges, aches and pains throughout the day?

Is this affecting your productivity?

Chances are, you just need a little advice on simple “do it at home” exercises and stretches tailored to your specific needs. We will assess your Range Of Motion and ask a few brief questions regarding your physical health and if you have any areas of pain and discomfort you would like to chat about. This will all be done over an online zoom chat.

We will speak to you regarding your desk set up and ergonomics etc,

then connect you with a designer from InSpace

who will advise you on creating the perfect “work from home” space.Everything will be followed up with an emailed report containing the information we discussed with you.

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