Orthopaedic Sports Massage

We also specialise in Orthopaedic Sports Massage. This is a great choice if you’re an athlete who wants to maintain good muscle functionality, maximise your training and performance, prevent injury, or aid the healing process if and when injury occurs.

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What is Orthopaedic Sports Massage?

This is a highly effective deep tissue massage focused on tackling chronic painful areas of the body caused by injury, misalignment or repetitive movements. An Orthopaedic Sports Massage concentrates on the whole body with the therapist using medium to deep pressure.

This massage benefits anyone with muscle injuries, aches, pains and stiffness. It is also used as a great stress buster and people leave feeling fantastic after a full body Orthopaedic Sports Massage.


This type of massage can vary with the therapist using many different palpation movements including long deep strokes with palms and fingers, thumping, cupping, skin rolling etc. The therapist will work from head to toe gently but also firmly, palpating deep into the skin and onto each muscle to locate taut bands that are “knotted” and to exterminate these knots giving the client a sense of relief.

The therapist will speak to the client throughout the treatment asking for feedback on how they are feeling. It is normal to feel a bit sore after this massage but the relief a few days afterwards is well worth the small bit of pain the day after the massage. Afterwards, your therapist will advise on some useful exercises and stretches suitable to your personal needs.

Physical & Mental Benefits

For the professional athlete, sports massage can assist in all phases of competition reducing soreness and fatigue during the training process, giving a head start before the competition and speeding up the recovery period after the event.

For those of you that don’t lead active or athletic lifestyles but have a stressful career and spend endless hours sitting at your desk and computer and you are feeling the pain in your neck, back, shoulders, legs, arms, knees and hands then this is the massage for you. This massage is a great stress reliever and gives you the chance to finally put an end to the pain and stiffness.

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