Pre and Post Event Massage

You might think about getting a massage after a big event like a marathon, iron man, or any important competition. But a short pre-event massage is a great way to prepare and loosen your muscles before high-intensity exercise, helping you to avoid injury and give it your all.

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About Event Massage

The purpose of the pre-event sports massage is to prepare the athlete for high-intensity activity. The athlete is in the final stages of preparation and our job is to get the muscles loose without decreasing their psychological focus or causing significant physiological changes to their bodies.

Massage feels good and is an enjoyable way to unwind before an event. Although an athlete would not want to become too relaxed before an event, massage can help with pre-event jitters and improve mental outlook and enthusiasm for the event or performance.

Massage can be very helpful mentally for athletes and non-athletes alike. Post event massage is carried out to decrease muscle soreness and cramping and to facilitate a faster return to training after an athletic event.

The Benefits of Event Massage

Promotes speed, power and endurance for the athlete as well as helping with injury prevention.Increases flexibility – great for gymnasts and other athletes who require flexibility for their sport. Improved circulation to tendons, ligaments, prevention and treatment of muscle spasms.

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